Pilot Design creates studio furniture and casegoods with a distinctly modern sensibility and regard to sustainability.


Keith was born in Wurzberg, Germany and grew up in Colorado (his father was in the Amy). After graduating from Colorado State University with a BFA in Graphic Design, Keith set out for Minneapolis to start his career in that field. In his spare time, he started creating basic furniture pieces in his apartment with found objects, and eventually rented space at a pottery studio to do work since his first design, a lamp, had a ceramic base. He was encouraged by the inclusion of this floor lamp in the international design publication, Graphis. He continued working in ceramics up until he took a course in furniture design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), and immediately took to woodworking and the problem solving it required.

After working for a number of interactive design firms and agencies (including Duffy, Fallon, and Popular Front), he went out on his own in 2002 to design websites and furniture. Since then he's worked on numerous commissions and his work has appeared in galleries and shows including the Northern Woods Exhibit, the annual show of local woodworking talent in Minneapolis, and more recently, in Functional Scultpure, Furniture from the Upper Midewest at Carleton College in Northfied, Minnesota.

Keith continues to work in both interactive and furniture design.